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Giannenta MilioFebruary 11, 20224 min read

Display Real-Time Data in Your Meetings


Communicating data insights is a difficult challenge. Add to it the pressures of communication in a post-pandemic era, where many meetings are remote, and telling a compelling narrative through data requires mastery of display and dictation.

Fortunately, modern technology enables you to display real-time data in your meetings. This has the dual benefits of lending you credibility while wowing your coworkers. The applications of real-time data in meetings are as abundant as the incentives, but enjoying them requires proper integration.

Here, you’ll find use cases and incentives displaying real-time data in your meetings. From here, communicate clearly and productively with cutting-edge visuals.

The Applications

There is no shortage of applications for real-time data as you make a case to stakeholders in any industry. From connecting colleagues in remote conferences to bridging understanding in healthcare solutions, real-time data can be extremely consequential in supporting a recommended course of action and relaying actionable strategies.

But before we go into the benefits of real-time data applications, you must first understand what the applications are. From B2B to B2C ventures to nonprofit health facilities, data relevance is a must. Here’s how real-time platforms help:

For all kinds of businesses, real-time data displays can be the key to creating team engagement, especially when working remotely. That’s because these interfaces provide the clear definitions and overcommunication that are necessary for virtual work.

By displaying real-time data on virtual whiteboards, video conferencing tools, and team task channels, you gain the ability to seamlessly communicate trends and patterns you’re seeing. From here, engaging brainstorming exercises can take place to make the most of the data.

Real-time data inclusion in virtual meetings is possible through tools like the Eyeson API. By layering this information atop meetings, you build a transparent and interactive meeting environment worthy of 2022.

This is highly useful when displaying financial information, in particular. With the help of overlays for trends, projections, performance, and any other metrics useful for financial analysis, finance professionals can communicate data insights to their teams like never before.

Platforms like Eyeson allow video conferencing to accommodate all of the data you need. From stock market performance to company expenditures, you can leverage the power of a real-time display to bring more informed decision-making to clients. This way, finances are less abstract and more immediate.

Such immediacy in decision-making is also useful in healthcare, where real-time data is helping patients understand treatments and conditions. Data analytics have been important in health decisions for as long as they’ve been accessible, helping health executives to save 15% of costs through their predictive functions alone. When applied to patient care, this transparency and foresight can even save lives.

By providing snapshots of important data metrics about patient health in conferences with them, care providers make patient education easier. From here, patients can be experts in their own care. That’s because real-time data can show how symptoms are affecting the body, as well as how effective various courses of treatment have been for others.

Integrated data and digital care platforms allow care providers to expertly communicate these insights to patients. With eyeson tools, you can even playback high-quality videos for fitness and health-related interactions all within a virtual call. This adds interactivity to remote care that transforms telemedicine.

With all these applications of real-time data in business, finance, and healthcare meetings, you can elevate your professional practices. That’s because with real-time data come other useful features.

The Benefits

Display real-time data in your meetings because this is one of the best ways to win communication. Everyone wants to feel as if they are making the best possible decisions in business, finance, and health. Data is your most effective tool in proving the effectiveness of any recommended path because data should represent objective facts.

As you integrate data-driven displays into your meetings, explore the many benefits such an approach can offer you. These features are just some of what’s possible:

  • Greater client and customer engagement
  • An enhanced reputation for business intelligence
  •  Streamlined communication potential
  • Stronger mentor-mentee relationships
  • Ability to wow all stakeholders and business partners

In every aspect of our lives, we want the transparency of real-time data. By bringing this transparency into your meetings you can evolve all business relationships, even between mentors and mentees in a remote working capacity. That’s because showing the data in real-time helps analysts talk through the analytical process and spread understanding across an organization.

With these benefits, even the future is clearer. Armed with such clarity, your clients and colleagues can cultivate value. This is value that will undoubtedly find its way back to your business, making data-display investments lucrative ones.

Elevating Your Meetings

Business, finance, and healthcare decisions are all best served by real-time data. By bringing this data into your meetings, you can bridge gaps in understanding and build value for clients at every turn.

Use real-time data displays to elevate your meetings. This means better communication across business, finance, and health. As a result, we can make the world a more transparent and efficient place.

About the author: Luke Smith is a writer and researcher turned blogger. Since finishing college he has been trying his hand at being a freelance writer. He enjoys writing on a variety of topics but technology and digital marketing topics are his favourites. When he isn't writing you can find him travelling, hiking, or getting into the latest tech.