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Video Meeting For the European Research and Innovation Days
Thomas StenitzerAugust 26, 20213 min read

Video Meeting For the European Research and Innovation Days

Covid gave a big push to innovative solutions, especially the conference and festival industry was hit by rigorous travel and participant restrictions.

Antwerp based independent video production company CK Productions took the challenge and "grabbed this year by the… horns, and upped the production game to facilitate all those clients that suddenly had to switch it up and take their events online."

One of the hybrid events was The European Research and Innovation Days. We spoke with Bernhard Schepens.

eyeson: What kind of business do you run?

We are a very flexible company with a strong core. CK Productions is a Belgian based production company specialized in creative productions and mostly known for its online streamed video productions such as the live and on demand productions for the Tomorrowland music festivals.

eyeson: Where are you headed as a business?

CK Productions: With our experienced team, we will attach the right person to the right project and co-ordinate every production down to the very last detail. As a client, please sit back and relax whilst we cover your video production from A to Z.

eyeson:  What challenges were you facing and what motivated you to solve them?

CK Productions: During the production for the European Research and Innovation days we where challenged to find a solution that had enough flexibility to integrate quickly into the front- and backend of the web platform, while providing a hassle free connection between the users.

In advance of the European Research and Innovation Days we had some strict requirements, such as computers where everything had to be within standard software, such as browsers, and the confidentiality of private meetings have to be ensured.

eyeson: Why did you choose us over the competition?

CK Productions: First, from a developers perspective, we searched for an API that simply works as a video meeting service with managed hosting.

Second, a lot of people are on corporate computers and cannot install software and need to work directly in browser: as user, you don't have to install anything.  

Third, no record of security issues so the European Commission found eyeson trustworthy. Zoom is not allowed.

eyeson: How do you use our service, and how do you find that process?

CK Productions: eyeson is being used in two ways on the platform: in the networking area where users can easily connect with each other and start a person to person or video call. The same system was used to have meetings with EU Policy officers.

The second use was for speakers that where scheduled in a live broadcast but could not physically attend the TV studio in Brussels. Due to Covid regulations most of the speakers for the conference where connected remotely over eyeson.


eyeson: How have you benefited from using our service?

CK Productions: The automated workflow through the API just worked, and it took only very short time for users to understand the eyeson interface.

eyeson: How has our service improved your day-to-day life?

CK Productions: eyeson support was really helpful, during mission-critical time the dev ops team was willing to adapt to our needs which helped us as a team.

eyeson: What have you learned from working with us?

CK Productions: eyeson manages the complicated task of handling point to point video connections really well, while keeping the product very easy to use. The support team does a wonderful job in assisting with our challenges.

eyeson: What would you say to other businesses facing the same challenges as you did?

CK Productions: Reach out to eyeson staff to see if their product will work for you. Think out of the box and just give it a try.

eyeson: Thank you!

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Image credits: European Union, European Research and Innovation Days, 2020